Living With Psoriasis: Memo to Me

If you could give advice about psoriasis to your younger self, what would you say? Hear real stories in these videos of everyday people who live with the condition.

Tikeyah Varner

Jenn Pellegrin

Heather Hudson

Ashley Wright

Tami Seretti

Stephen Keat

Robert Howard

Ivy Smith

Amy Woo

Suzanna Woodhead

Nikita Chopra

Kristen Murry

Nakita Pitts

Alisha Bridges

Kyle Burgoyne

Brianne Kearney

Racquelle Johnson

Tony Centeno

Diane Talbert

Cara Hedgepeth

Takevia Robinson

Justin Callahan

Keonia Wilson

Rachel Brazzel

Alina Camas

Candice Puccio

Hope Andrus

Hannah Thompson

Melissa Voss

William Barker

Tina Fraterrigo

Sammantha Wesson

Alexa Fernandez

Eva Thompson

David Parker

Judy Dubac