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15 Tools That Help You See

A call in progress on the BeMyEyes app
A call in progress on the BeMyEyes appCourtesy of BeMyEyes

LED magnifier

1. Lighted Handheld Magnifier

3X Eschenbach VisoLux+ Illuminated Stand Magnifier
3X Eschenbach VisoLux+ Illuminated Stand MagnifierCourtesy of Eschenbach

2. Illuminated Stand Magnifier

ClearView C 24" Full HD
ClearView C 24" Full HDCourtesy of Vispero

3. Video Magnifier

17-inch Samsung Galaxy View2
17-inch Samsung Galaxy View2Courtesy of Samsung

4. Tablet Computer

man using smartphone

5. Smartphone

BeMyEyes home screen
BeMyEyes home screenCourtesy of BeMyEyes

6. Multipurpose Recognition Apps

NoIR colored lenses
NoIR colored glasses in useCourtesy of NoIR

7. Colored Lenses

reading glasses next to book

8. High-powered Reading Glasses

smiling woman wearing sunglasses
Philipe Cavalcante

9. Sunglasses

mini LED flashlight on keychain

10. LED Mini Flashlights

Verilux SmartLight Natural Spectrum LED Desk Lamp with Adjustable Gooseneck
Verilux Gooseneck Lamp in useCourtesy of Verilux

11. Gooseneck Lamp

Pharmacist assisting patient with ScripTalk
Pharmacist assisting patient with ScripTalkCourtesy of En-Vision America

12. ScripTalk

Stack of one hundred dollar bills

13. Currency Reader

MaxTV® glasses
MaxTV® glassesCourtesy of Eschenbach

14. Telescopic Lenses

eSight electronic glasses in use
eSight electronic glasses in useCourtesy of eSight

15. Smart Glasses

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