Meet 8 People Who Reclaimed Their Lives From Obesity

by Cheryl Ann Borne Patient Advocate

After failed attempts at diet and exercise, weight loss surgery can sometimes offset the effects of obesity and help people take back their lives. Discover how eight ordinary people used different surgeries to overcome their health challenges and live the lives they love.

Jassira: From infertility to motherhood

In hopes of solving her infertility issues, Jassira tried a gastric band and duodenal switch to lose weight. The procedures were at times life-threatening, but Jassira said she would not change a thing. Today, she feels strong, and proud that the journey made her dreams of two healthy boys come true.

Mikimi: Triumph over challenges

Mikimi fought with her health insurance company to appeal for plastic surgery after gastric bypass complications. She won, and had an apronectomy and breast reduction, but there were still more complications to follow. Today, however, she is proud of her body and views her surgery scars as badges of honor.

My Bariatric Life: Challenging fitness and fears

It took a decade after gastric bypass to reclaim my life, undergo plastic surgery, and start living boldly. One victory was conquering an advanced four-hour ropes course, pushing myself beyond physical limits and overcoming a fear of heights. I learned that at any moment you have the power to say, “this is not how the story is going to end."

Jonathan: From obesity to bari-athlete

Jonathan lost 200 pounds after gastric bypass surgery and now competes in endurance events such as the The Great Ohio River Swim, a 38-mile bike ride, and the Disabled Veterans 5K. He says after abusing it for so many years, he’s got his body back and wants to see how far he can push himself in a positive way.

Jen: Finding love after obesity

In order for Jen to have happy dating relationships, she first had to find self awareness and love herself. She later found Mr. Right and they’ll be married this year. Jen says if she had skipped any of the mental work, she would not be where she is today.

Kristin: Between hopelessness and hope

Kristin was a size 32W before having gastric bypass surgery in 2002. She knew surgery wasn’t a cure-all for poor eating habits, but was a tool that made all the difference between hopelessness and hope. Now a size 4/6, Kristin says everyone deserves a life where weight doesn't hold them back.

Bill: Hero behind WHS-NewLife

Thanks to carefully planned weight management strategies and guidelines prior to gastric bypass, Bill has successfully maintained a 200+ pound weight loss since 2010. He believes, “Too often we sabotage our own best interest.” Bill now shares his inspiring action plan on WHS-NewLife.

Terri: Bariatric vitamin queen

Terri achieved permanent weight loss with the gastric band. But with that success came a set of obstacles. Terri couldn't tolerate some nutritious foods or swallow her vitamins. So she was faced with deteriorating health. Not one to give up, Terri and her husband, Fred, worked together to develop Ameriwell Bariatric Vitamins.

Cheryl Ann Borne
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