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What Is Microsatellite Instability?

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Cindy Tang

Scientist in lab collect dna sample in test tube with cotton swab

Meet Your DNA

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Nathan Dumlao

What Happens When Cells Divide?

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Max Chen

Sometimes, Mistakes Occur During Cell Division

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Mariana B.

We Have a Built-in Repair Mechanism to Correct Mistakes

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Tine Ivanič

Occasionally, Mistakes Persist

Micrograph of tumour infiltrating lymphocytes, as seen in Lynch syndrome
Micrograph of tumour infiltrating lymphocytes, as seen in Lynch syndromeNephron

MSI May Indicate You Have Lynch Syndrome

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Testing Cancer for Microsatellite Status

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What if You Have Lynch Syndrome?

Micrograph of endometrial adenocarcinoma
Micrograph of endometrial adenocarcinomaiStock

Lynch Syndrome and Endometrial Cancer

Grandparents and grandchildren

Final Note: Know Your Family History

Kathleen Hall, MBA

Kathleen Hall, MBA

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