Anxiety DisordersMeditation

Mindfulness and Anxiety: What Research Tells Us

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Simon Migaj

Tian Tan Buddha

How Mindfulness Got Its Start

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Daniel Monteiro

What Is Mindfulness?

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Freshh Connection

When Stress and Anxiety Become Overwhelming

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Why Mindfulness Can Help Anxiety

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Studies Show Mindfulness Can Help Regulate Emotions

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Accepting Your Thoughts and Feelings

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Halting Repetitive Negative Thoughts and Worries

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An Example of the Guided Meditation Used in the Study

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Informal vs. Formal: Different Ways to Practice Mindfulness

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How Long and How Often Do You Need to Practice?

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How Effective Is Mindfulness, Really?

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More Research Is Needed to Fully Understand Mindfulness

Rachel Zohn

Rachel Zohn


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