Macular DegenerationLiving With

Staying on the Move When You Have Wet AMD

two seniors walking wearing sunglasses
Rene Böhmer

mature caucasian women standing next to a mature african american man who is visually impaired

What Is an Orientation and Mobility Specialist?

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Waldemar Brandt

Is Every Mobility Plan Unique?

Young man and blind senior with white cane walking in city, crossing street

Will a Specialist Walk Me Through My Day-to-Day?

Two senior women laughing at the park

Will a Friend or Family Member Train With Me?

man with white support cane walking down the stair

How Do I Learn to Use a Cane?

cane leaning against wall next to couch

What if I Don’t Want to Use a Cane?

guide dog with man

Will I Learn to Work With a Guide Dog?

man walking alone
Umberto Shaw

What if I Panic When I’m Alone?

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Manav Sharma

How Can My Own Arm Protect Me?

hand touching ground
Elia Pellegrini

How Do I Find Objects That I Drop?

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Christina Morillo

How Do I Find a Mobility Specialist Near Me?

Senior woman having her eyesight checked by young optician at ophthalmologist's office

Will I Need a Referral?

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Jonathan Borba

How Much Does Mobility Training Cost?

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How Long Will I Work With a Mobility Specialist?

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