Multiple SclerosisStaying Active

Walk This Way! Find Your Next MS Stability Gear Here

person walking with cane, casting long shadow

man on the street with a cane
Ashwin Vaswani

So, What's an Appropriate Walking Device?

hand holding intricately carved cane

Make a Fashion Statement With a Walking Stick or Cane

Middle aged woman walking with trekking poles in city park

Take a Hike With Trekking Poles

young man walking with forearm crutches

Get a Lift With Forearm Crutches

young man standing in living room using walker

Lean on a Walker

man crossing street using rollator

Have a Seat (Whenever You Want) With a Rollator

people wearing race gear using Afari
Courtesy of vendor

Squeeze in Some Exercise With an Afari

Courtesy of ActiveMSers

Ride-Walk (Really!) With an Alinker

Alinker and Afari
Courtesy of Jackie Zimmerman

Mix and Match for Your Needs

Rachel Zohn

Rachel Zohn


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