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The No-Blush Guide to Sex and MS

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Cassie Lopez

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What If I'm Too Tired, Achy, or Depressed to Have Sex?

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I Have Trouble Maintaining an Erection. Am I Too Young for Viagra?

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Martin Robles

Why Can't I Feel Anything?

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Brad Helmink

What's Going on With This Vaginal Dryness?

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Is It Normal to Have Trouble Reaching Orgasm?

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Justin Owens

Sometimes I Pee a Little Bit During Sex. Why Does This Happen?

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Ivars Krutainis

What If I Experience Dry Orgasm?

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Can MS Lower My Libido?

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Bruce Christianson

Is Sexual Desire Related to Self-esteem?

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Lisa Fields

Lisa Fields

Lisa Fields is a full-time freelance health writer based in South Jersey who writes about chronic diseases, sleep problems and ways that stress and emotions can impact health. She writes frequently for WebMD and Reader’s Digest. She has also been published by The New York Times, Good Housekeeping, Women’s Health, Redbook and many other publications.