Natural Honey Can Help Foot Ulcers

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Natural honey is a supersaturated sugar solution derived from honey bees. It has been used for healing and to treat wounds throughout the ages. Recent research has shown it may be a viable alternative to treat foot ulcers.

Foot ulcers and diabetes

Foot ulcers are an open wound on the foot. If you have diabetes, you have a 25 percent chance of developing a foot ulcer . They can be painful, become infected and can lead to amputation.

Honey used to treat foot ulcers

Research was conducted on 12 hospital patients with foot ulcers. The researchers set out to determine if honey could heal foot wounds. The honey was applied directly on the foot ulcers and covered with a sterile dressing that was changed each day.

All the ulcers healed

After an average healing time of three weeks, all the ulcers in the study healed. There were no adverse effects reported from either the patients or the healthcare providers.

Reduced cost of treatment

The low cost of honey has the potential to be a great advantage in wound care. Honey is about a third of the cost of the more traditional iodine treatment. Direct savings can also be seen in the simplicity of the treatment and in the rapid healing of the wounds.

Reduced pain levels

Wound treatment with honey has shown improvement in pain in as little as one week’s time. Honey is also known to have a natural anesthetic effect, so the actual treatment of the wound can be more comfortable than other types of treatments.

Warnings and precautions

Natural honey is considered one of the oldest known wound dressings. However, honey can become contaminated with germs and bacteria during the collection and processing procedures. Therefore, applying honey to a serious wound should happen only in consultation with your physician. He may recommend a medicinal grade honey that has been checked for bacteria.