Lung CancerRisk Factors

Never-Smokers Get Lung Cancer, Too

human anatomy mannequin displaying lungs
Samuel Zeller

full ashtray

You May Have Been Exposed to Second-Hand Smoke

Preparatory stage for the construction of a ventilated crawl space in an old brick building

Your House Had—or Has—a Radon Gas Leak

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Your Symptoms May Be Different From a Smoker's Lung Cancer

Computed Tomography (ct) Of The Chest
Computed Tomography (CT) of the chestiStock

You Were Never Screened for Lung Cancer

Micrograh of small cell lung cancer
Micrograph of small cell lung canceriStock

Your Cancer's Sub-type Tends to Be Different

ALK positive lung adenocarcinoma
ALK positive lung adenocarcinomaNephron

Your Tumor Has Distinct Markers

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Your Treatment Will Probably Come in a Pill

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Eutah Mizushima

You're More Than Likely a Woman

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You Have Your Own Emotional Hurdles to Overcome

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You have specialized support out there.

Linda Rodgers

Linda Rodgers


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