Parenting With Migraine

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Parenting is hard enough without the added burden of living with Migraine. Like all other aspects of life, parenting with Migraine requires us to think ahead. Preparing in advance helps us meet the demands of parenting, take care of our own needs, and keep our families functioning. Take a look at these tips to help you prepare for parenting with Migraine.


Enlist help

It’s not enough simply to have a supportive spouse or co-parent. Recruit multiple helpers to call on when the symptoms of Migraine prevent you from successful parenting. With more than one person to call on, you reduce the risk of not having anyone available to help out.


Meal prep

Prepare extra meals that can be frozen until needed. Stock the pantry with easy-to-prepare packaged foods. Store take-out menus and cash for quick access, too. Use whatever strategies are best for your family to ensure that meal times continue with or without your help.


Quiet activities

Prepare sets of age-appropriate quiet activities to be used during Migraine attack. The activities will keep your children entertained without worsening your sensitivity to sound.



Don’t take chances with your family’s safety. Recruit a trusted back-up driver to transport your children to school and activities when Migraine prevents you from driving safely.



Talk to your children about Migraine. Reassure them that you will recover. Younger children may need extra assurance during an attack. If possible, allow your little ones to snuggle up with you to watch a quiet movie. Kids can understand how medicines, ice packs, and other comfort measures will help you feel better.


Special occasions

Missing special events because of Migraine can leave you and your child feeling disappointed. Make arrangements to have the event recorded so that you and your child can watch the video once you have recovered.


Listen to your child

Growing up with a sick parent can trigger strong emotions. Take the time to listen to your child and validate their many feelings about Migraine.