How to Protect Yourself Against the Rare—But Severe—Side Effects of Adjuvant Therapy for Melanoma

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Different Adjuvant Therapies Have Different Concerns

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Caleb Woods

Immune Checkpoint Inhibitors: They Excite Your Immune System

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Side Effects of Immune Checkpoint Inhibitors

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Severe Side Effects of Immune Checkpoint Inhibitors That Need to Be Treated Quickly

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Reporting Side Effects Is Key to Preventing Serious Problems

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Targeted Therapy Tends to Have Fewer Severe Complications

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Long-term Side Effects Are Rare, But Can Occur

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In severe cases of guillain-barré, people can become temporarily paralyzed.iStock

Adjuvant Therapy Can Worsen Preexisting Autoimmune Conditions

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If Side Effects Become an Issue, Adjuvant Therapy Might be Stopped

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Stopping Adjuvant Therapy Early May Not Impact Your Outcome

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