Stop SmokingHow-Tos

Quit Smoking with These Behavior Swaps


Trigger: After a meal. Try: Light exercise or brushing your teeth

Trigger: Stress. Try: Deep breathing, meditating, or stretching

Trigger: Social situations. Try: Flaunting the new you

Trigger: Boredom. Try: Watching TV or looking up the negative effects of smoking

Trigger: Depression. Try: Phoning someone

Trigger: In the car. Try: Keeping your car clean or chew gum

Trigger: Coffee or alcohol. Try: Avoiding these beverages

Trigger: Feeling tired. Try: Taking a quick cat nap.

Yumhee Park

Yumhee Park


Yumhee Park is a former content producer for HealthCentral and helped bring important stories of health advocates to life as a member of the Live Bold, Live Now multimedia team.