10 Reasons Why You Should Document Your Eczema

by Ashley Wall Patient Advocate

Goodbye, boring 2D images in your doctor’s office. In the digital age, we’ve shifted the way eczema is showcased toward real-time documentation. Every day, more and more people are joining social media sites and revealing their eczema. Not only has it helped others dealing with this chronic skin condition, but some mention it’s been very therapeutic to share. If you’re still not convinced, here are a few reasons why you should consider documenting your eczema.

Sharing Takes You Out of Your Comfort Zone

Since eczema is the epitome of uncomfortable, we do everything in our power to establish a comfort zone for ourselves, whether that’s avoiding socializing or mastering how to cover up our skin. By allowing yourself the opportunity to document the state of your skin, you’re overcoming the daunting task of getting out of your comfort zone. You’re allowing yourself to grow.

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Get Into the Driver’s Seat

It’s very easy to become a passenger in your own life. How many times have you looked at someone and envied their ability to put themselves out there or be vulnerable? Well, you can, too. All it takes is action. You can start writing, take pictures, record yourself, or pursue any other method you see fit to document your eczema. The key is to begin. Take action for yourself, because no one else will.

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Documenting Your Eczema Is Investing Time in Yourself

Self care is all the rage these days. It’s something we as a society have gotten away from. But self care isn't always about purchasing the latest and greatest products. It’s about creating order in your chaotic world. Taking 10 minutes a day to document your eczema is you investing in yourself. Instead of hiding and neglecting your eczema, it a way to become in tune with it.

Capturing Flare-ups

Personally, this is the number one reason why you should start documenting eczema. There’s nothing more eye-opening than seeing a video or pictures of eczema at its worst. The powerful personal stories people tell are priceless. It’s very motivational to better understand how and why people flare, not only to myself but to others who want help in any way, shape, or form.

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Sharing Your Experience Can Improve Your Self-esteem

There are two types of people in the world: those that listen to the critical voice in their head, and those who don’t. You’ll never improve your self-esteem if you’re always worried about what others think. It’s time to part ways with the critical voice. I can’t tell you how positive the feedback has been since I started a blog—easily one of the best decisions in my life. I never would have been able to experience it if I would have listened to that critical voice. It helped me tap into confidence I never knew I had.

Documenting Helps You Track Progress Toward Your Goals

Managing your eczema is incredibly challenging, which is why tracking it helps you set up skin health goals. Documenting your progression or in some cases, regression is a great way to celebrate your victories or work harder on managing breakouts. Either way, it allows you to have a clearer picture of your relationship with your eczema.

Tap Into Your Inner Detective

Yes, it’s true. When you’re documenting yourself, your level of consciousness is heightened. Things that you may have never taken into consideration are suddenly catching your attention. I like to call it 'skintuition'. You'll transform into a little bit of a private eye by connecting the dots on what makes your skin inflamed and what calms it down.

It Might Allow You to Let Go

Managing chronic skin conditions, especially eczema, can be beyond frustrating. More importantly, it's stressful. And this stress can stay bottled up for years. As eczema sufferers, we need to let go. We can take our bottled-up anger and channel it through creative documentation.

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It’s Time to Start Loving Yourself

Eczema is an uphill battle, a lifelong one for some of us. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t love yourself. Sometimes seeing things as they really are helps you process reality. Your eczema is a condition that needs to be nurtured and cared for. However, it shouldn’t stop you from living. Documenting your struggles is a way to face yourself. Challenge yourself. And, learn to start loving yourself more than you already do.

Ashley Wall
Meet Our Writer
Ashley Wall

Ashley Wall is a freelance writer who started her blog Itchin' Since ’87 as a creative outlet. As a longtime eczema sufferer, she considers herself the ‘eczema aficionado’. She’s a huge advocate for maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle. Her life’s mission is to help find a cure for eczema. With her experience, she also hopes to give insightful advice on living with eczema through her writing and work.