Reducing Anxiety Around Injections or Infusions

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For those diagnosed with psoriasis, injections or infusions may be an alternative treatment. Beginning anything new can be nerve wracking and stressful if you’re not armed with the right information. So here are some proven ways to reduce anxiety around injections or infusions.


Make time

Injection treatments require doses that cannot be missed. So having an understanding work environment is crucial in your diagnosis process.


Speak up

Have an open and honest conversation with your doctor. If you feel like your injections aren’t working or you’re not seeing the type of results you would like, then speak up. Your doctor should be willing to listen to you and suggest other options.


Be honest with yourself

If you know you can’t administer the injections yourself, then plan to go to the doctor's office or have a close family or friend do it for you.


Find a support group

The National Psoriasis Foundation One to One program is a great resource where you can talk to psoriasis patients who have been through injections before. Overcoming Psoriasis is another great Facebook group where you can talk to those who have been through injection treatments.


Take a deep breath

Stress can be a trigger for many who have psoriasis, so learning to relax is crucial to your psoriasis journey.


Go digital

Worried about missing an injection? There’s an app for that! The Medisafe Medication free app has a journal and calendar to track your pills, injections and doctors appointments. It also has a special family alert system feature - which lets your family members know if you miss a pill, injection or doctor's appointment.  For other app suggestions, read Ways To Stay On Top of Your Psoriasis Medication.


Don’t forget to check in

Make sure to speak with your doctor when beginning any new treatment, as well as any time along the way if you’re not satisfied with your treatment progress.