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How to Help Your Child With ADHD Rock the School Year

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Talk to Your Child About Her Diagnosis

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Teach Your Child How Our Brains 'Do School'

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Sort Out Strengths and Weaknesses Together

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Model Your Own Strategies

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Ask About Classroom Tools to Help With Focus

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Use a Paper Calendar for Time Management

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Make a List for That!

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Help Homework Work for Your Child (Part 1)

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Help Homework Work for Your Child (Part 2)

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Avoid Comparisons

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Be Your Child’s Frontal Lobe

Sheila M. Eldred

Sheila M. Eldred


Sheila Mulrooney Eldred is a graduate of Columbia’s School of Journalism and a former newspaper reporter. As a freelance health journalist, she writes about everything from life-threatening diseases to elite athletes. Her stories have appeared in The New York Times, Nature, FiveThirtyEight, Pacific Standard, STAT News, and other publications. In her spare time, she and her family love running, cross-country skiing, and mountain biking in Minneapolis.