6 Self-Care Twitter Accounts You Should Follow

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We all need a bit of encouragement to make time to take care of ourselves. If you spend much of your day online, sometimes the best place to find this friendly nudge is the social media feeds you’re already checking. Did you know there are Twitter accounts completely dedicated to reminding you to nurture your mental and physical health? For all of you social media junkies, follow these top 6 Twitter accounts focused on self-care tips and reminders.


Aloe is the online self-care community created by the makers of Femsplain, and its Twitter @aloebud is full of hopeful and inspiring messages to keep you going. The account encourages its followers to interact through periodic check-in questions (“Have u had a break from your screen in the last hour?”) and tweets like, “Make a list of 5 things you accomplished this past week. You deserve to celebrate the little victories!” Follow this account for positivity, cuteness, and emojis galore.


Are you drinking the recommended amount of water a day? This Twitter account is actually a bot programmed to remind you to stay hydrated. @hydratebot is one of several mental health reminder bots created by digital artist and blogger Nora Reed. Follow this account and you’ll see tweets twice an hour with friendly reminders to drink water in fun robot-speak, such as: “human friend! it is time to put water into your body so that it will function.”


@tinycarebot sends out gentle self-care reminders throughout the day, its messages peppered with relevant emojis. This Twitter bot, created by comedy writer and artist Jonny Sun, tweets in all lowercase, making it unobtrusive in your feed. Whether it’s tweeting you a friendly reminder to check your posture or to take the time to send a message a good friend, @tinycarebot never forgets to say please.


Emojis and gentleness not your style? @DOTHINGSBOT, another Twitter bot from Nora Reed, also adopts a robot’s personality. IN ALL CAPS. This account strives to break difficult tasks into smaller, more manageable parts; follow if you’re a frequent procrastinator at work. @DOTHINGSBOT tweets things like, “BEEP YOU MUST WALK AROUND THE ROOM RIGHT NOW I WILL WAIT.” Just the push we needed!


This Twitter bot calls itself “a resource for thoughtful but practical self-care reminders.” @everydaycarebot is for those who like concrete tasks. It keeps its messages succinct, with tweets such as “make a cup of tea,” “delete some emails,” and “chat to a friend if you feel like it, but don’t feel guilty if you can’t reply.” You can also find a full list of its self-care suggestions at the bot’s website.


Even if you’re not a poet or poetry reader, following @poem_exe on Twitter can inject calming moments into your hectic day. This bot strings together different phrases to create micropoetry in its tweets, such as “in spring rain / the scent / across the evening waves.” Because it’s a bot, the poems are unpredictable — sometimes beautiful, sometimes so absurd they are good for a laugh. Studies link poetry and other forms of art with healing. Why not make it a part of your Twitter feed, too?