Seven Natural Sources of Fiber

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Fiber-rich foods are wonderful additions to a diet. Fiber may help lower the risk of certain types of cancer, type 2 diabetes and high cholesterol, and can help control body weight and BMI. Here are some excellent, natural sources of fiber.


Beans of almost any variety are a very rich source of fiber.  They are also very low in fat and high in protein making them an easy staple to any diet.  They can also be easily added to a salad or soup for an added fiber kick.

Whole grains

Whole grains (no, not Wonder Bread!) such as hearty whole wheat bread, oats, barley, whole wheat pasta are excellent sources of fiber and very easy to add to a diet.  Make the switch to whole grain bread for sandwiches, eat a bowl of oatmeal in the morning, use whole wheat pasta rather than white.


Nuts such as almonds, walnuts, peanuts and pistachios all excellent sources of fiber and protein.  Be sure to eat them in moderation, though, because nuts can be very high in fat.  Try roasting the nuts and using them to top salads or yogurt.

Potatoes (with the skins)

Provided the skins are left on the potato and the potatoes are kept out of the deep fry-er potatoes are a wonderful source of fiber.  They do contain a lot of starch and should be eaten in moderation.


The seeds, the skins, the juices and all the natural nutrients make berries a delicious way to add fiber to a diet.  Try to consume them as close to their original form as possible (i.e. blueberry pie does not count).


It is hard to beat a good old fashioned vegetable for a good fiber punch.  Most crunchy vegetables (carrots, broccoli, celery) are very high quality sources of fiber and also add a myriad of other nutrients.  Just like berries, try to consume vegetables as close to their original state as possible.


Believe it or not, popcorn is very high in fiber. Opt for air-popped, low fat popcorn and be sure to skip any added butter or salt.  Also eat a carrot or some celery with it, popcorn does not have much added nutrients.