Seven Tips to Restart Your New Year’s Resolution

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It’s spring and there’s still plenty of time of get back on the resolution bandwagon.


Do you remember your New Year’s Resolution?

Remember way back to December 31st? You probably set all kinds of ambitious (and maybe even study-based) goals to be thinner, stronger and fitter in the New Year. But, perhaps now you don’t quite remember what those resolutions were. Lucky for you, spring is a great time to renew resolutions and maybe modify them so you can roll into autumn a little healthier.


Take stock

First, it pays to revisit your New Year’s Resolutions. Ask yourself why you didn’t stick with them. Were they too ambitious? Were they not ambitious enough? Did you not have enough support, either from your family, your friends or even from yourself? Understanding why you didn’t hold to a resolution is a great first step.


Salvage what you can

Keep the resolutions that you really want to achieve. Often there is a lot of pressure to make huge changes around the holidays that can get in the way of meaningful change. Now the pressure is off, so don’t be afraid of taking small steps to bigger goals.


Make a plan

Think of the last three months of failed resolutions as inside information on an opposing team. You know the pitfalls you fell into at the start of the year. Now, set up your New Year’s Resolutions 2.0 in a way that avoids those pitfalls.


Get outside

As far as seasons go, winter is probably the worst month to try to get fit. It’s cold, it’s icy and gyms are packed with people attempting to work off holiday pounds. Now that it’s spring, you have many opportunities to take your workouts outside—and those workouts don’t require a membership. Actually, there’s a growing body of research that suggests outdoor workouts are actually better for you.


“Longer” days

Another great thing about spring is how much longer you have sunlight. Can’t get up for a morning run? No problem, you’ll have extra hours of sunlight in the evenings to squeeze in some quality time outside after work.


Take advantage of spring foods

The spring and summer months are also an ideal time to revamp your diet. Instead of having to contend with heavy winter foods, you can enjoy fresh salads with seasonal fruits and vegetables.


Allow room for failure

Most resolutions fail because many people set their expectations too high and don’t allow wiggle room. So if we slack off a few days, we often give up all together. This time around, have a built-in ‘cheat day’ from your New Year’s Resolutions so that if you do fall off the wagon, it’s easier to get back on. Above all, never let a few bad days keep you from starting over and eventually meeting your goals.