Kidney DiseaseSymptoms

10 Signs of Chronic Kidney Disease

tired woman
Valeria Ushakova

man getting blood pressure at doctor's office

close up of nose and open mouth
Cesar La Rosa

You're Short of Breath

man touching face
Nitin Sharma

There's Swelling in Your Legs, Hands, or Face

woman stretching arms
Priscilla Du Preez

Your Muscles Ache

Male Toilet Seat Door Near Green Grasses
Noppon Loylersla

Your Pee Looks Different

tired woman lying down next to bench
Tonny Tran

You're Fatigued or Feel Weak

sticker of nose with "no" symbol

Your Breath Stinks

cactus in desert
Zach Vessels

You Have Itchy, Dry Skin

man leaning head against wall
Daniel Mingook Kim

You're Feeling Confused

person holding pillow over face
Daria Shevtsova

You're Having Trouble Sleeping

blood pressure test

Your Blood Pressure Is High

Alice Lesch Kelly

Alice Lesch Kelly

Alice Lesch Kelly is a Boston-based freelance writer specializing in health, nutrition, and disease prevention. Her work has appeared in many consumer outlets, including Health After 50, the Boston Globe, Prevention, Yoga Journal, Woman’s Day, WebMD,, and