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Skin and Mood: What You Should Know

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Skin Has Many Important Jobs

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Kristina Nor

What Happens When the Skin Doesn’t or Can’t Do Its Job?

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Skin’s Barrier Breakdown

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Immune System Breakdown

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How the Mind and the Skin Are Deeply Connected

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How Does all of This Affect Mood?

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How Medications for Skin Disorders Affect Mood

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How Psychiatric Medications Affect Skin

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Skin and Mood: How to Sort It Out

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Preparing for a Medical Professional Consultation

Sloane Miller

Sloane Miller


Sloane Miller, MFA, MSW, LMSW, specialist in food allergy management and author, is founder and President of Allergic Girl Resources, Inc., a consultancy devoted to food allergy awareness. She consults with private clients, the healthcare, food, and hospitality industries, government and not-for-profit advocacy organizations. In 2006, Ms. Miller started Please Don't Pass the Nuts, an award-winning blog for and about people affected by food allergies. In 2011, John Wiley & Sons published Ms. Miller's book, Allergic Girl: Adventures in Living Well With Food Allergies, the definitive how-to guide. Ms. Miller combines a lifetime of personal experience and passion with professional expertise to connect with people about how to live safely, effectively, and joyously with food allergies.