Skin Care Tips for Men

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Skin care is becoming a big concern for men. During a video interview with Cityline, skin care expert Dave Lackie stated “…67 percent of men have said they have used their wives or girlfriends skin care products…” Skin care for a man usually differs from a woman’s regimen due to the challenges men face when it comes to their skin. Check out these tips on skin care designed specifically with men in mind.


We all need sunscreen

We all should use some type of sunscreen, but this fact is especially important for men who are more likely to work outside compared to women. The American Cancer Society suggests that using a sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or higher is best. Another way to protect your skin is by wearing long sleeves and pants if you will be in the sun for a prolonged amount of time. These steps will help prevent wrinkles and sunburns.


Special maintenance required after you 'hit the iron'

A study conducted in Brazil reported that men were more active than women when it comes to exercising. This means as a man you are more likely to sweat, which increases your chances of acne. Face washing should be at the top of any guy’s list. Find products that cater specifically to your skin type (i.e. oily, dry, acne prone), don’t use harsh soaps, and use lukewarm water.


Shaving: It’s all in the technique

If you have curly hair you are more likely to experience razor bumps, especially if you shave around your face. These bumps can become infected and leave the skin looking damaged. The Mayo Clinic suggests a few steps for avoiding razor bumps, including using a sharp razor every time you shave, not pulling skin when shaving, shaving in the direction of how the hair is growing, rinsing blades after each stroke, and applying lotion after each shave.


Finding the fountain of youth

As mentioned before, men are generally exposed to the sun more often than women, which means an increase in the likelihood of wrinkles. Rays from the sun cause the breakdown of collagen fibers which, when healthy, help keep skin looking smooth. One way to prevent premature aging is by using a sunscreen and an anti-wrinkle cream. Look for products containing retinol, vitamin C, hydroxyl acids, and peptides.


It starts from within

Good skin care starts from the inside, so if you are trying to achieve healthy skin you have to eat healthy. Cut the fat, greasy, and processed foods and choose healthier options like fruits and vegetables. Doctors suggest antioxidant-rich foods are the best option when trying to achieve optimal skin. Antioxidants aid in helping to neutralize free radicals that can cause wrinkles.


Cut back on booze

Have you ever had a long night of drinking, only to wake up to dry skin and a dry mouth? The good news is that if you do decide to drink, there are a few good options when it comes to your skin's health. Instead of hard liquor, stick to beer and red wine.