Sleepy At Work? Five Things You Can Do Starting Now!

by Kristina Brooks Editor

Dealing with fatigue during the day when you have insomnia can be a real problem. Your body can feel so much in need of rest that many tasks you face can seem insurmountable. Here are things you can do to temporarily help you fight sleepiness.

Take a nap

If you just can’t stay awake a moment longer, go ahead and take a nap on your lunch break if you are in a safe place to do so. Just try not to snooze for more than 30 minutes. Power naps can make you a bit more energized and better able to re-focus. Co-workers probably will notice you snoozing in the lounge on your lunch break, but that looks a lot better than nodding off on your keyboard in the middle of the afternoon.

Change things up

Doing a mundane task or going through a routine you have countless times before can make fatigue feel worse. One good way to deal with this is to switch up your routine. Stopping for coffee at a different place, entering your building through a difference entrance, even brushing your teeth with the opposite hand can help recharge your brain. It makes you feel more alert. Try it.

Get up and move

Being sedentary is the worse thing you can do when you are feeling sleepy and need to stay alert. If you are feeling drowsy, get up and move. Walk around the building, do some stretches, go outside and breath some fresh air. Sitting all day does nothing but encourage drowsiness, even in the most rested of individuals. Make yourself get up and move at least every 60 to 90 minutes.

Eat the right food

The last thing you want to have for lunch when you are already tired is food that's going to make matters worse. When you need a boost of energy, opt for foods such as citrus fruits, salmon, beans, leafy green vegetables and then dark chocolate for a snack. All can give you a boost without dragging you down later.

Be aware of caffeine's power

When you really need an energy boost, caffeine is the standby. Indulge in a large cup of coffee and you’ll find your energy level and mental clarity gets a boost. Just don’t indulge in caffeine too late in the day or you will be exacerbating your insomnia that night.

Kristina Brooks
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