9 Sources for Psoriatic Arthritis News

by Casey Nilsson Patient Advocate

May is Psoriatic Arthritis Action Month, but it’s difficult to take action without the right information. Here are nine easy-to-access psoriatic arthritis sources to help you stay on top of research, news and community conversations.

Research: Wiley Online Library

This database aggregates published medical studies from more than 1,500 journals. Wiley allows users to search for specific disease criteria, so type in “psoriatic arthritis” and explore the latest research. You can find thousands of results for psoriatic arthritis.

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Research: ScienceDirect

Like Wiley, ScienceDirect offers published papers from thousands of medical journals. But perhaps the best part of this online resource is its collection of book excerpts. While excerpt previews are free, full downloads require a fee. (A chapter from the book “Psoriatic and Reactive Arthritis,” for example, is $31.50.)

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Research: ClinicalTrials.gov

The U.S. Library of Medicine website, ClinicalTrials.gov, offers a comprehensive look into the research landscape for specific diseases — both nationally and internationally. Simply search “psoriatic arthritis” and discover more than 200 drug trials, lifestyle trials, and enrollment opportunities.

News: HealthCentral’s Psoriatic Arthritis Page

You had to know a plug for HealthCentral was coming! This page offers patient perspectives, reviews of new studies, and lifestyle information to help you manage your disease. Top articles include “Building Your Psoriatic Arthritis Dream Team,” "Common Psoriatic Arthritis Comorbidities,” and “A Newly Approved Infusion Drug for Psoriatic Arthritis.

News: Rheumatology News’ Psoriatic Arthritis Page

This source, geared toward healthcare professionals and managed by MD Edge, contextualizes papers you’ll find on ScienceDirect and Wiley in layman’s terms. It’s also a bit like cutting through the bedside manner and peeking inside your rheumatologist’s brain. A favorite recent story is: “Psoriatic Arthritis: ‘We’re not doing so well.’”

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News: Set Up an Alert

A news alert through Google is the fastest way to get Psoriatic-arthritis-specific stories right in your inbox. Simply visit google.com/alerts, enter “psoriatic arthritis” in the Create an Alert bar, and enter your email address. Click “show options” to change the frequency of the emails or select a region (if, for example, you would like to see stories published only in the United States).

Community Conversations: Psoriatic Arthritis Sufferers Unite

This Facebook group, which is 14,000 members strong, is one of the largest social media groups dedicated to psoriatic arthritis. Users post every day about successes and failures with drugs, diets, and lifestyle changes. It is also open to people with other autoimmune disorders.

Community Conversations: Psoriatic Arthritis Support Group

This support group, also on Facebook, is Psoriatic-arthritis-specific with more than 10,000 users. It’s a private group, so send the administrators a request to participate in the conversation.

Community Conversations: Instagram

Perhaps one of the most interesting conversations on the Internet about psoriatic arthritis is happening on Instagram, a visually oriented social media platform where users post aspirational or inspirational content on healing their psoriatic arthritis or living a full life with a chronic condition. Users can explore the “psoriatic arthritis” hashtag and easily follow other people in the world with psoriatic arthritis.

Casey Nilsson
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