Chronic HivesStress

10 Ways to Chillax for Fewer Hives

man scratching arm under shirt
John Fornander

woman in gym tying shoe
juan pablo rodriguez

Get Moving!

alarm clock on bed
Amanda Jones

Don't Hit the Snooze Button.

Young man using smartphone in bed at night

Step Away From the Smart Phones an Hour Before Bedtime.

woman with cat in bed listening to headphones

Turn on the Tunes.

Jez Timms

Take Control of Your Diet.

woman's hands writing
Timothy L Brock

Write Everything (and We Mean Everything!) Down.

woman from above meditating

Try Meditating.

woman taking pill

Pop a Pill—the Right Kind, of Course.

woman using essential oils
Chelsea shapouri

Add Some Essential Oils Into Your Nighttime Routine.

woman getting massage

Indulge in a Little Self-care (Even if It's not on Sunday).

Dori Price

Dori Price

Dori Price is a New York-based freelance writer, editor and consultant in the beauty, style and wellness categories. She started my career in public relations but quickly made the move to editorial where she fell in love with testing products, interviewing experts and writing about all aspects of beauty and health. She worked at Family Circle magazine for 13 years, starting as an assistant and working her way up to Beauty & Fashion Director. She has also written for and Spotlyte.

She is a skincare fanatic (hello, #selfcaresunday), nail art aficionado, fitness addict and health nut. She is also a new Mom to Benjamin, who lights up her world like nothing else.