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Doctor’s Orders: Your Psoriasis Needs a Vacay

sign post showing many locations next to palm tree
Unsplash: Deanna Ritchie

woman eating in restaurant
Pablo Merchán Montes

Go on a Culinary Adventure

people hiking in the mountains
Toomas Tartes

Hit the Trails

woman reading on the beach
chen zo

Head to the Beach

woman backpacking in a busy city
Steven Lewis

Explore a New City

women receiving oil treatment at spa
alan caishan

Indulge at a Spa Retreat

woman in red bathing suit floating in the Dead Sea

Splash in the Springs

close up of woman's eyes, pulling down sunglasses
Erik Mclean

Go Someplace Warm. Period.

woman reading at home

Enjoy a Staycation

man packing suitcase

Travel Right

Tracy Davenport, Ph.D.

Tracy Davenport, Ph.D.


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