Support Prostate Cancer Awareness: Grow a Mustache

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What Is Movember?

A simple term combining the words Mustache and November, the Movember movement for male cancer awareness - especially prostate cancer - was founded in 1999.  Since 2004, the Movember Foundation has been raising money through the introduction of facial hair.  Men start the month clean shaven and vow not to shave the upper lip until Movember has concluded.

Fundraising efforts

Since 2004, the Movember Foundation as raised $174 million, including $80.7 million in 2010.  Additionally, the number of global registrants reached new heights in 2010, with 447,808 people swearing off shaving the mustache region.  In the 2010, over 64,500 Americans participated in the movement, raising $7.5 million.

Prostate cancer

The realities of prostate cancer are concerning.  Men are notoriously hesitant to take care of their bodies, despite the fact that in 2007, over 220,000 Americans were diagnosed with prostate cancer.  Over 29,000 of those men died from prostate cancer.  Prostate cancer is the most common male cancer in the U.S.


It is estimated that, by the age of 70, over 65 percent of men will have microscopic traces of prostate cancer.  Family history plays an important role: having a family member with prostate cancer doubles a man's risk, while having three family members raises the risk of developing prostate cancer 11-fold.

Early detection

Early detection of the condition is key.  The lifetime probability of developing prostate cancer is around 16 percent.  According to the American Cancer Society, however, 5-year survival rates for all stages of prostate cancer have increased from 67 percent in 1985 to nearly 100 percent in 2005. Today, the 10-year survival rate is at 93 percent.

Screening and diagnosis

Though there is an on-going debate regarding the PSA test for prostate cancer, it is generally recommended that men ages 50 to 70 be tested annually for prostate cancer.  Those with a family history and all African-American men (who have a 50 percent higher risk of prostate cancer than Caucasian men) over 40 should consider a screening, and then every two years thereafter.

Raise awareness!

So support awareness of prostate cancer and grow a mustache. Even the so-called Mo Sistas can contribute as well – wear a fake mustache!  Regardless of motivation, help raise awareness and finances to fight prostate cancer!  For more information, see