Finding Support & Resources When You Have Cervical Cancer

by Bethany Kandel Health Writer

Being diagnosed with cervical cancer can be overwhelming, leaving you feeling scared, unsure, and alone. But the following resources can help you connect with others going through the same experience and find support, education, and camaraderie. Not only are there general cancer organizations that can help, but there are also those that are specific to your cancer. These support resources can offer tried and true tips for treatment, answers to your questions and, just as importantly, comfort.

Circle of arms

Find your tribe

The National Cervical Cancer Coalition helps women, family members, and caregivers deal with issues related to cervical cancer and works to promote education on the prevention of human papillomavirus (HPV), which causes cervical cancer. Local chapters around the country hold awareness events and their online community provides a forum for sharing personal experiences in a safe, secure environment.

Cancer survivors.

Learn from your sister survivors

Cervivor offers online cervical cancer awareness and support and creates a welcoming family of sister survivors who help each other. Learn from those who have been down this road already by watching CervivorTV webisodes featuring women who have faced cervical cancer.

Support online.

Share your feelings safely online

There is safety and power in community when you are going through something difficult. Daily Strength and have online support groups where you can ask questions, share feelings, and talk to others 24/7.

Group of women headed to work.

Find support for going back to work after treatment

If you are returning to work after time off for cervical cancer treatment, you may find yourself facing certain workplace, legal, or financial issues. Cancer and Careers is there to help with expert advice, interactive tools, and educational events. You can also find one-on-one career coaching, online training classes, and more at The Time Between Is, which empowers people who have or have had cancer.

Self confident woman greeting the morning.

Regain your self-confidence

If you went through chemotherapy or radiation to treat your cervical cancer, you may have lost your hair and noticed changes in your skin and nails. The Look Good Feel Better program teaches beauty techniques to help manage the appearance-related side effects of treatment. Find a program near you to get beauty lessons from trained professionals to help you regain confidence and feel beautiful again.

couple being amorous in hall.

Learn about changes in your sexuality

Cancer treatment can change a lot, including your sex life and personal intimacy. American Cancer Society has a guide to offer information about cancer, sex, and sexuality. Start here and then discuss your personal situation with your physician. Additionally, you may want to try these 10 tips to help improve intimacy during cancer treatment.

Young couple at fertility doctor.

Find fertility help

Young women diagnosed with cervical cancer may be concerned about how this affects the possibility of having a baby in the future. The American Cancer Society provides information to help you understand your risks and family-building options, including a section about how to find resources and financial assistance in your area.

Financial concept.

Get financial assistance

If you are eligible, there is financial assistance out there to help with everything from co-pays to rides to clinics or other places you might receive treatment. For more information, check out a list of resources compiled by Cancer.Net.

Starting journey.

Moving forward in your recovery

Fighting cervical cancer can drain you physically, emotionally, and financially, but there are people and organizations ready and waiting to help you. These resources can help you on your journey to recovery and beyond with cervical cancer. Use them as a starting point, and be sure to discuss any issues or concerns with your medical team.

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