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10 Surprising Facts About Ulcerative Colitis

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#1: It's More Common Than Ever

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#2: It's Genetic, But Most People Don't Have a Family History

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#3: It May Be Triggered by an Infection

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#4: You Might Feel It in Your Joints First

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#5: It May Feel Like Menstrual Cramps

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#6: Vitamin Deficiency Can Be a Symptom

Anemic patient's blood smear under microscope
Anemic patient's blood smear under microscopeiStock

#7: It Can Make You Anemic

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#8: You Might Feel Like You Have to Poop…But Can’t

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#9: You May Struggle With Depression

Micrograph of colonic adenocarcinoma
Micrograph of colonic adenocarcinomaiStock

#10: It Increases Your Risk of Colon Cancer

Emily Shiffer

Emily Shiffer


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