Surprise! 9 Psoriasis Triggers You Weren’t Expecting

woman at hair salon getting hair curled

sick woman on couch with tissues

Sneaky Trigger: Getting Sick

Person in parka in winter
Daniel Bowman

Sneaky Trigger: Falling Temps

Prescription Medicine - Several Pill Bottles

Sneaky Trigger: Prescription Meds

cigarette butts in ashtray
Julia Engel

Sneaky Trigger: Secondhand Smoke

stressed woman at work

Sneaky Trigger: Daily Stress

cheersing two beers
Wil Stewart

Sneaky Trigger: Alcohol Consumption

Horizontal View of Close Up of Empty Spirals inside the Snack Vending Machine

Sneaky Trigger: Vending Machines

hairdresser curling client's hair

Sneaky Trigger: Curling Irons

cabin in woods
Mikel Ibarluzea

Sneaky Trigger: Cabin Fever

Dori Price

Dori Price

Dori Price is a New York-based freelance writer, editor and consultant in the beauty, style and wellness categories. She started my career in public relations but quickly made the move to editorial where she fell in love with testing products, interviewing experts and writing about all aspects of beauty and health. She worked at Family Circle magazine for 13 years, starting as an assistant and working her way up to Beauty & Fashion Director. She has also written for and Spotlyte.

She is a skincare fanatic (hello, #selfcaresunday), nail art aficionado, fitness addict and health nut. She is also a new Mom to Benjamin, who lights up her world like nothing else.