Surviving Summer Heat with Psoriasis

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Summer means pool parties, beach time, BBQs and family time. But for those with psoriasis it can come with a lot of stress, especially if one is experiencing a flare up. But thankfully there are plenty of easy ways to finish the summer off strong and in style. Read on for tips on surviving the summer heat despite psoriasis.


Light-weight and flowy fabrics

Opt for light-weight fabrics such as cotton and viscose. These types of fabrics still allow your skin to breathe, which is vital when you have dry skin. This and this are some great options.


Quarter length sleeves

Quarter length sleeves are a life saver, especially when experiencing a flare up in the summer. You can cover up but still feel stylish, especially with options like this and this. Never be confined to wear sweaters or heavy fabrics again!


Quarter length pants

You can keep professional and cool with these or these. For your weekend errands or hanging out with friends, don this or this and you’re still covered up yet wearing breathable fabric.



No matter what mood you’re in, simply pair a dress with flats and a light sweater and you’re ready to take on the world (with or without a flare up!). Any of these light-weight maxi dresses are perfect for summer, when you’re not quite ready to show some skin: here, here, or here.


Fun patterns and bright colors

Studies show that fun patterns and bright colors can make your day. Who doesn’t want that? When the day’s not going quite like you planned, choose between any one of these to cheer you up: this, this or this.