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How to Tell Your Family They Might Have a Genetic Risk for Breast Cancer

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Guillaume Bolduc

Come to Grips With Your Situation

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Share Information

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How to Let Your Family Members Know

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What Do You Tell Them?

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Not Everyone Will Appreciate It

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You May Save a Life

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Guide Them to Support

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Help the Women in Your Life

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Help Them Find a Genetic Counselor

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How to Tell Your Children

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Be There for Each Other

Bethany Kandel

Bethany Kandel


Bethany Kandel is a New York-based journalist, health writer, and author. Her articles have appeared in dozens of national publications and websites, including The New York Times, Prevention, Good Housekeeping, and Woman’s Day. After a breast cancer diagnosis, she began writing about the subject. She created Breast Cancer Freebies, where she helps patients/survivors find free wigs, hats, and other resources to help them thrive. Find her on Twitter @cancerfreebies.