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How to Talk to Your Friends About Your Ulcerative Colitis

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Christin Hume

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Sharing About UC: Keep It High Level at First

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Give Friends the Facts About UC

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Joseph Pearson

Treat Close Friends Like Family

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Don't Be Afraid to State the Obvious About UC

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Be Honest About Your Emotions

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Learn to Be Vulnerable With Others

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Ask for Help When You Need It

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Encourage Questions About UC

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Try Not to Let Negative Reactions Get to You

Jackie Zimmerman

Jackie Zimmerman


Jackie Zimmerman is a multiple sclerosis and ulcerative colitis patient and the founder of Girls With Guts. Since diagnosis, she has blogged her IBD journey at Blood, Poop, and Tears. Jackie has worked hard to become a strong voice in the patient advocacy community. In her free time (what free time?!) she spends time with her two rescue pups, her husband Adam and plays roller derby. She’s online @JackieZimm.