Ten Actions to Help You Drop Pounds for Good


Commit to a long-term healthy lifestyle

Improve your gut microbes

Use tools like a checkbook

Food quality is everything

This is about you and for you

You must exercise

Slow, steady weight loss better

One bad day is one bad day…unless you make it a week

Reward yourself

Use the new science

Amy Hendel, P.A.

Amy Hendel, P.A.


Known as "The HealthGal", Amy Hendel P.A. is a medical and lifestyle reporter, nutrition and fitness expert, health coach and brand ambassador. Trained as a physician assistant, she maintains a health coach private practice in New York and Los Angeles. Author of The Four Habits of Healthy Families, find her on Twitter @Healthgal1103 and on Facebook @TheHealthGal. Check “Daily Health News” at Her personal mantra? “Fix it first with food, fitness, and lifestyle.”