The Benefits of a Healthy Sex Life for Women

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Ah, the joys of sex. It can make you feel closer to your partner and increase your feelings of well-being. But did you know sex has health and emotional benefits outside of your relationship as well? Job satisfaction and lower blood pressure are just a few of the benefits of a healthy sex life. Read on for more.


Sex the night before helps you be more productive and happy at work

Married couples report having a higher level of job satisfaction and are more engaged in their work the day after having sex, according to a study completed at Oregon State University. Sex is a natural mood enhancer; it makes you feel good as it is happening, but researchers also found this effect lasted for at least 24 hours, giving you not just a good night but a good next day as well.


Sex helps reduce headaches

“Not tonight, honey, I have a headache” might be a well-known refrain for not having sex, but for those living with migraine, sex might provide relief. A study found that having sex reduced a migraine’s severity or got rid of it completely for 70 percent of people with migraine.


Regular sex increases your chances of getting pregnant

Trying to conceive? Having regular sex, not just when you are ovulating, can increase your chances of getting pregnant. According to a study completed in 2015, sexual activity boosts your immune system in a way that makes conception more likely.


It boosts your immune system

The same study found the immune system gets a boost after sexual activity. This falls in line with a previous study that found that college students who had frequent sex (at least once a week) had higher levels of immunoglobulin A in their systems.


You react better to stressful situations

Stress can raise your blood pressure, but one study found that those who had vaginal intercourse were less likely to have blood pressure spikes because of a stressful situation than those who had other types of sexual activity or no sex at all.


Sex improves analytical thinking

When you think of love, you think in the long-term, which leads to creative thought. When your mind is on sex, you have more concrete thoughts, enhancing your analytical thought process. You don’t even need to have sex to take advantage of this benefit — just thinking about sex will shift your thinking to an analytical state, according to study published in 2009.


Sex improves your overall well-being

Sex makes you happier. People who have sex regularly report being happier than those who do not. One study found that well-being was higher in people who had sex at least once a week. More frequent sex did not significantly increase happiness, but having sex less than once a week did indicate less satisfaction with life.