The Best Ways to Avoid High Blood Sugars

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Start wearing a continuous glucose monitor (CGM)

Wearing a continuous glucose monitor is a great way to see and understand how your blood sugar responds to various foods, activities, and insulin doses.


Follow a low-carb diet

Low carb meals are great for avoiding high blood sugar as they offer fewer variables you have to consider when calculating an insulin bolus. Whenever a meal contains multiple components that raise blood sugar, the likelihood of miscalculating the carbohydrate count is increased. A dinner of roasted chicken and vegetables is more simple to bolus for than, say, spaghetti and garlic bread.


Bolus early and accurately for everything you eat

If a high blood sugar level will likely lead to either a half day roller coaster of highs and lows or a significant period of time spent out of range, it's worthwhile to plan better to avoid going high at all.



Walking briskly with a small amount of insulin will likely lower your blood sugar as much as being sedentary after taking a large correction bolus. Intense activities, such as running or swimming (my personal favorite pregnancy workout), will lower blood sugar even more.


Make sure your insulin pump is working correctly

If you use an insulin pump, make sure your pump is not causing the problem. You may want to disconnect and attempt to fill the tubing with insulin to ensure everything is working mechanically before administering a correction bolus.


Test, correct, test, correct

For real stubborn highs, nothing beats testing, correcting, testing, correcting. Often diabetics worry about stacking insulin, but when facing an unyielding high blood glucose, stacking can work for you. Just be sure to keep testing every 30 to 60 minutes so you can gauge when your BG starts satisfactorily lowering, and be prepared to snack to avoid "bottoming out" later.