Sleep Disorders

The Essential Oils Proven to Improve Sleep (and How to Use Them)

Essential oils and medical flowers herbs

Aromatherapy oils for sleep

Lavender essential oils used for aromatherapy


Bergamot on wooden background


Yellow flower, Ylang-ylang Cananga odorata

Ylang ylang

Orange Essential Oil

Sweet orange

Clary sage plant in garden

Clary sage

Vibrant patchouli in bloom


Essential oil and camomile flowers in mortar

Roman chamomile

Spa therapist performs aromatherapy massage

Applying essential oil to the skin

Reed Diffuser In High End Luxury Room

Diffusing essential oil

Martin Reed

Martin Reed


Martin is the creator of Insomnia Coach, an eight-week course that combines online sleep education with individual sleep coaching. His course helps clients improve their sleep so they can enjoy a better life with more energy and start each day feeling happy, healthy, rested, and refreshed. Martin also runs a free sleep training course that has helped over 5,000 insomniacs. He holds a master’s degree in health and wellness education and studied clinical sleep health at the University of Delaware.