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9 Things Derms Love to Hear From Their Psoriasis Patients

woman wearing shorts in ocean
Timur M

man walking to beach wearing shorts and t-shirt
Bruno van der Kraan

“I wore shorts!”

overweight woman walking on treadmill

“I started walking on the treadmill.”

employee carrying cardboard box of her stuff out of an office

“I quit my job!”

woman taking pill

“I’m keeping on top of my meds.”

hand pouring tumeric powder
Taylor Kiser

“I am taking turmeric [or any alternative remedy of your choice].”

two seniors sunbathing
Marie-Sophie Tékian

“I’ve been sunbathing.”

young woman with martini

“I had only one drink.”

hands kneading bread
Nadya Spetnitskaya

“I’m going on a gluten-free diet.”

marijuana buds in a glass jar
Get Budding

“I’m going the medical marijuana route.”

Doctor and patient having a conversation

“I’m not totally happy with this treatment.”

Linda Rodgers

Linda Rodgers


Linda Rodgers is a former magazine and digital editor turned writer, focusing on health and wellness. She's written for Reader’s Digest, Working Mother, Bottom Line Health, and various other publications. When she's not writing about health, she writes about pets, education, and parenting.