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10 Things Women With Ulcerative Colitis Need to Know

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UC Can Make You Feel ‘Blah’

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UC Won’t Make You Infertile

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...But Family Planning May Seem More Complicated With UC

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And Women With UC Are Indeed Having Fewer Children

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UC Can Affect Your Confidence

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UC Can Affect Your Sex Life

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Severe UC Could Affect Your Period

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Talk to Your Doctor About Birth Control and UC

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Moms With UC Need to Make Time for Self-care

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You Deserve a Full Life With UC

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Knowledge Is Power

Jackie Zimmerman

Jackie Zimmerman


Jackie Zimmerman is a multiple sclerosis and ulcerative colitis patient and the founder of Girls With Guts. Since diagnosis, she has blogged her IBD journey at Blood, Poop, and Tears. Jackie has worked hard to become a strong voice in the patient advocacy community. In her free time (what free time?!) she spends time with her two rescue pups, her husband Adam and plays roller derby. She’s online @JackieZimm.