Sleep Disorders

10 Things You Didn't Know About Sleepwalking

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How common is sleepwalking?

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It's OK to wake someone who is sleepwalking

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You probably won't remember sleepwalking

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Your family may be the cause of your sleepwalking

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Sleepwalking could make you violent

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Sleepwalking could make you fearless

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Sleepwalking may be a sign of Parkinson's disease

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Your medications may be making you sleepwalk

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Sleepwalking can make you gain weight

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Sleepwalking can be prevented

Martin Reed

Martin Reed


Martin is the creator of Insomnia Coach, an eight-week course that combines online sleep education with individual sleep coaching. His course helps clients improve their sleep so they can enjoy a better life with more energy and start each day feeling happy, healthy, rested, and refreshed. Martin also runs a free sleep training course that has helped over 5,000 insomniacs. He holds a master’s degree in health and wellness education and studied clinical sleep health at the University of Delaware.