Tips for Eating Out with High Cholesterol

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So you have an invitation to eat out with friends, but you're worried about creating problems with your cholesterol?  Here are tips for keeping your restaurant meals under control.


Check out the menu beforehand

Not only can checking out the menu before your dinner get you more excited for the meal, but it also allows you do some research on which foods can best help you keep your cholesterol in check. Having a plan beforehand will help keep you from impulsively ordering a meal you'll regret later.


Just say no

There are many words used to make foods sound more appetizing--fried, pan-fried, creamed, escalloped, au gratin (with cheese). But consider these code words for raising your cholesterol to unhealthy levels. When you see these words on a menu, skip to the next choice.


Just say yes

Get your eyes to focus on menu words like steamed, broiled, grilled, roasted, or poached. Such dishes are both healthy and tasty, without compromising your cholesterol levels. But be sure to ask the waiter to have the kitchen go easy on the butter, oil, and salt.


Drink sparkling water instead of soda

Soda, whether it’s diet or not, is just not good for you. But there are times when you really want a little fizzy drink with your meal. This is where sparkling water comes in. Add a couple wedges of lime or lemon and you have a refreshing drink without the sugars or artificial sweeteners that can raise your cholesterol levels.


If you must have bread, go whole grain

Wheat bread, or better yet, whole grain is your best choice. And skip the butter or margarine. Instead lightly dip your bread in olive oil. Moderation is key.


Make your plate colorful

Rather than ordering potatoes (particularly fried) as your side order, make your plate colorful with veggies such as green beans, tomatoes, carrots. The more colorful your meal, usually the healthier it is.


Order first

Ordering first allows you to stick to your game plan of eating healthy without being tempted by the fried dishes your friends might order.


Keep your dessert fruity

Yes, you can indulge in dessert! To get your sweet fix after a savory meal, try something fruity like sorbet or frozen yogurt with fresh fruit.