Rheumatoid ArthritisManaging Flares

8 Steps to Calming an RA Flare

hand sticking out of grass

businessman looking at watch
Andrea Natali

The Only Rule? Don't Wait It Out

hiker looks at trail signs for direction

Spot the Signs ASAP

doctor examining patient's wrist

Talk to Your Doctor

woman sleeping on desk
Kha Ruxury

Get Plenty of Rest

woman stretching upper body
Christopher Campbell

Do Some Gentle Movement

holding ice pack on knee

Try Hot and Cold Packs

Pharmacist examining a bottle of prescription medicine

Take Prescribed Medication

man with eyes closed
Kelvin Valerio

Practice Stress Management

Mature Female Patient In Consultation With Doctor Sitting At Desk In Office

For Next Time: Update Your Treatment

Sarah Fielding

Sarah Fielding


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