Real-life (and Sometimes Weird!) Strategies to Quit Smoking

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Riccardo Fissore

Anyone who has tried to quit smoking, including those with COPD, knows that everyone faces different hurdles. “It’s not one size fits all,” says James Davis, M.D., medical director of the Duke University Smoking Cessation Clinic in Durham, NC. “Some people have a genetic predisposition to being dependent on nicotine.” Others smoke because of depression, stress management, or weight issues. Each person’s challenge requires a customized quit-smoking strategy, says Dr. Davis. Click through for some strategies that successful quitters have employed on their own.

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Cris Trung

Try DIY Aversion Therapy

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Eric Nopanen

Give in to Peer Pressure

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Suzanne Emily O’Connor

Go Full Service

laser acupuncture treatment on knee

Book a Laser-Acupuncture Appointment

woman's legs salsa dancing

Sign Up for Something New

woman with eyes closed doing yoga breathing

Breathe Like a Yogi

woman sucking on lollipop
Tatiana Fet

Suck on Lollipops

Allen Carr's Easy Way to Stop Smoking

Try the Allen Carr Method

woman holding water bottle
Just Name

Drink Bottled Water

three friends at music festival, two are smoking cigarettes

Take a Hiatus from Friends Who Smoke

Jeanine Barone

Jeanine Barone

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