Top 15 Health Questions on Twitter in 2011

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Here is a breakdown of the 15 most asked health questions on Twitter brought to you by @Health_Tips

Is There a Cure for Migraines?

"There's a good chance my head might actually explode. Level 10 migraine. This is not a drill!!" There is no "real cure" for migraines.  Managing our triggers and lifestyle, taking preventive medications, abortives and/or rescue medications is the best way to manage them. If your migraines are getting to the point where you cannot handle them alone, talk to your doctor about migraine prevention.

Summer Cold or Seasonal Allergy?

"Can't figure out whether my #allergies are bugging me or if I'm sick. #frustrated" Common colds are not nearly as common in the summer as in fall and winter. The time and durationof symptoms is the most important factor in deciding whether symptoms are related to viral infection or allergic inflammation. Cold symptoms generally last five to seven days whereas seasonal allergy symptoms go on for two or more months.

What are Some Natural Migraine Remedies?

"How do u make a migraine go away? :'( I just want to cry." There are several "natural" supplements being used successfully for Migraine prevention. Those most commonly used include Coenzyme Q10, Butterbur (Petadolex), Riboflavin aka vitamin B2, Magnesium.

How Can I Sleep Better?

"Insomnia continues .... Why can't I sleep" Sleep is often a constant battle for some of us. Here are some tips to help: Try not to nap, avoid caffeine, talk with your doctor,get a good pillow and mattress, relax before bed, talk to your physical therapist, prepare your bedroom.

Ways to Cure Allergies Naturally?

"Any fellow #allergy sufferers put there? Any insight on relief when the meds don't work? #deaperatetobreath" Here are some tips to help you go natural: trigger avoidance, diet, yoga, sublingual immunotherapy (SLIT, for short), salt Inhalation Therapy, saline nasal irrigations, herbal supplements.

Allergy Medicine Recommendation?

"Any recommendations on allergy meds that actually work? My allergies have been terrible for the past few days and nothing is working." The good news about treating allergies is that there are lots of options. Here are some new options in generic and over the counter oral allergy medicines: Claritin, Zyrtec, Allegra.

How Can I Test Myself for ADHD?

"I think I have ADHD!? I'm worried about myself! Undecided" Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is a neurobehavioral disorder generally characterized by the following symptoms: inattention, distractibility, impulsivity, hyperactivity.

Natural Remedies for Acid Reflux?

"Does anyone know any natural support or remedies for acid reflux or have thoughts about whom I can ask?" Some of the main natural cures that you could look at are: ginger, chamomile, change your diet, eat slowly and more often, drink plenty of water and exercise.

How to Identify Rosacea Triggers?

"About to get up and go look in the mirror. Hmmm maybe just stay in bed a bit longer. #tryingnottoletitgetmedown #rosacea" Rosacea is a chronic skin disorder which causes inflammation of the facial area including the cheeks, nose chin, forehead, or eyelids.  It can appear that you are flushed or blushing. In other cases acne-like skin eruptions may occur. 


Causes of Chronic Insomnia?

"Why does your body refuse to sleep though you're so tired? #insomnia" Transient and short-term insomnia can be caused by significant life events that usually pass when the stress of the incident passes. Chronic Insomnia may be caused by the use of drugs, alcohol, nicotine, caffeine, and even medications used to treat other important diseases. 

Allergies, Cold, Sinusitis, or Flu?

"Can't figure out if I have allergies, a cold, or a sinus infection!! #goaway" Most people associate seasonal allergies with pollen season, but allergy symptoms often increase during the holidays. The common cold lasts only for a few days, and usually causes more constant head and sinus congestion than allergies do. Unlike colds, the flu is most common during the winter months.

What Should I Ask My Allergist?

"Getting ready to go get skin tested at the Allergy doctor! Should be loads of fun! What a way to spend the morning! Ugg!" Allergists are interested in addressing the unmet needs of their patients at follow-up visits. Don't give up on your specialist too soon. He or she usually has other ideas as a back-up plan when initial strategies fail.

Salt Therapy: Does it Work?

"Awake and with aggressive allergies.. C'mon, I have plans for today!" Companies have created salt pipe inhalers, which contain special dry salt crystals and a mouthpiece you inhale through. Other salt therapies include salt solutions you drink, made with special salt crystals and saline nebulizers, where a saline solution is turned into a fine mist that you breathe in through a tube from an ultrasonic salinizer device.

Top Schizophrenia Myths?

"Schizophrenia the curse I have to bare." Schizophrenia is a brain disease that interferes with perception, behavior and responsiveness. The word schizophrenia literally means "split brain." Symptoms include psychosis, delusions, and cognitive impairment. Schizophrenia is a serious condition that usually requires medical attention.

How Can I Live with Migraines?

"Please migraine, go away, I'm begging you." Evaluate your medical team, review your treatment regimen, identify those triggers, plan better nutrition, don't forget good hydration, find and adopt an acceptable level of activity, improve your organization, learn to delegate, dump the guilt.

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