High Cholesterol

Top 5 Omega-3 Sources to Lower Cholesterol


Eat fish at least twice a week

Take a fish oil supplement

Add flaxseed to your diet

Take a flaxseed oil supplement

Add omega-3 nut and seed sources to your daily intake

Lisa Nelson, RD, LN

Lisa Nelson, RD, LN


Lisa Nelson RD, a registered dietitian since 1999, provides step-by-step guidance to lower cholesterol and lower blood pressure, so you can live life and enjoy your family for years to come. Lisa's passion for health comes from her own family history of heart disease, so she doesn't dispense trendy treatments; Lisa practices what she teaches in her own daily life.  Because her own health is the foundation of her expertise, you can trust that Lisa will make it truly possible for you to see dramatic changes in your health, without unrealistic fads or impossibly difficult techniques.