Top 5 Lessons I Learned After Acquiring a UV Lightbox to Treat My Psoriasis

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Insurance will not willingly help

I say willingly because (spoiler alert) they ended up paying for the full lightbox. Initially they only agreed to pay for less than half of the $7,000 cost, but after many phone calls, they finally gave in. The lesson learned here is to be persistent when it comes to insurance coverage. Our plan clearly stated it should be covered in full, but insurance companies wouldn’t be profitable if they gave in so easily. Stay strong!


The lightbox weighs a ton

Seems obvious, right? Wrong. They do not explicitly state that the machine weighs over 500 pounds. When we had it dropped off at the house, the delivery person left it in the street. He claimed he wasn’t paid to move it into the house. We had to remove a few doors and ask four neighbors for help, but we eventually got it in. Lesson learned? Be prepared with an appropriate delivery service! Alternatively, just get a smaller version.


Beware of the burn!

The lightbox is a very concentrated UV-B light, and it does not take a lot to burn your skin. Unfortunately, I’ve burned my skin by accident many times. One time, it was so bad I couldn’t sleep lying down for three days! Always make sure to gradually increase the amount of time you’re in the box. There is no cutting corners here! I’ve learned my lesson many times and have paid dearly for it.


This lightbox is life-changing

The state of my psoriasis was at an all-time low when we discovered it was responsive to sunlight. My doctor immediately had me doing light treatments at his office three times a week. It changed my life and has continued to keep my psoriasis under control for more than 10 years. It is truly a difference maker, and I recommend considering it as a potential treatment!


Your friends will be jealous and want to use it

I cannot tell you how many times my friends have asked to use the lightbox. The reason? It gives you a solid tan all year round. At work, I often get asked where I was for the weekend and have come up with some creative answers! Most of the time I just say I was running outside for about 12 hours, so that’s why I have this cool tan. Don’t let them use it though!