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11 Top Eczema Myths—And The Truth to Improving Your Skin

woman touching skin in field
William Randles

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João Jesus

Myth: There’s Only One Type of Eczema

woman covering face with turtleneck
Denise Mwaniki

Myth: Eczema Is Contagious

chain link fence
Francisco Galarza

Myth: Eczema Is Just Dry Skin

woman touching shoulder skin
Ximena Mora

Myth: Eczema Can Be Cured

peanuts in shells
shattha pilabut

Myth: Eczema Is Caused by a Food Allergy

woman wearing hooded jacket in blizzard
Jason Blackeye

Myth: Eczema Is Always Worse in the Winter

woman moisturizing legs

Myth: Eczema Is Only in Certain Spots

woman hiding behind curtain
Ian Keefe

Myth: Eczema Is No Big Deal

lavender field
Janine Joles

Myth: Eczema Responds Best to Natural Products

man putting ointment on leg

Myth: Eczema Is Only Treated Topically

baby with eczema on face

Myth: Eczema Is Mostly a Pediatric Problem

Krista Bennett DeMaio

Krista Bennett DeMaio


Krista Bennett DeMaio has well over a decade of editorial experience. The former magazine-editor-turned-freelance writer regularly covers skincare, health, beauty, and lifestyle topics. Her work has appeared in national publications and websites including Oprah, Women’s Health, Redbook, Shape, Dr. Oz The Good Life,, and She lives in Huntington, New York with her husband and three daughters.