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Tracking weight and counting calories are the top reasons people use fitness trackers, based on a report from eMarketer. And now, that’s easier than ever with trackers built into arm and wrist bands, clip-ons and even watches and cameras. Here’s our take on the costs and features of the more popular brands.

Jawbone UP

This works with smartphones to track your steps, and overall calories burned with exercise, as well as your quality of sleep and hours slept. Pair it with the UP App Food Score to track food, drinks calories and nutrients and see how well you’re eating. Compatible with IOS and Android, $50-$180.

FitBit Zip

The Zip is a wireless clip-on device used to track steps, distance and calories burned. You can set goals and check your progress, and social features let you compete with friends and earn badges. Zip syncs with your computer, smartphone or tablet, but also has a free app for Android and iPhone, $50.

GoPro Hero

While it’s not a tracker, it is a real hit with weekend warriors who want to keep themselves motivated with playback of their endurance events. It’s easily mounted on a helmet, bike, snowboard, or ski mask and films the action from your point of view. The Hero line comes with sophisticated 720p-4k cameras and accessories, $130-$500+.

Apple Watch

Apple intends for its first wearable device to be used to keep track of daily tasks such as “take vitamins,” “run 30-minutes,” or “schedule massage.” Instead of its feature-rich siblings, the watch has a small screen to feature only your most important information. It will be compatible with both iPhones and iPads and arrives in April, $350.

Pebble Smartwatch

Everything you love about your phone can be right on your wrist with this device. The Pebble watch allows you to view emails, texts, your calendar and preferred apps, as well as all of your favorite music from Spotify, Pandora and iTunes. Compatible with Android and Apple IOS, $100-$200.

Nike Fuelband SE

The Nike Fuelband was one of the first wearable trackers. The sleek wristband can track workout intensity, steps and sleep. It also connects to your phone to send motivational reminders to get active, and connects you with fitness buddies using Nike+ Groups, $99-$300.

BodyMedia Link Armband

This armband uses a weight management system that works with apps such as MyFitnessPal, Runkeeper, and Sparkpeople to track calories, activity, and calorie burn. The device showed three times more weight loss in group trials according to manufacturer, and is endorsed by Jillian Michaels of TV’s, "The Biggest Loser." You can also log your food with the Android and Apple-compatible app, $180.