Treating ADHD at Home and School: A Doctor Q & A


How do stimulant medications work in ADHD? Is Ritalin basically speed?

How does adult ADHD differ from childhood ADHD?

Has the constant media attention and focus on ADHD affected how frequently and accurately patients are diagnosed with the disorder?

Any tips for helping a teen with ADHD that is basically well managed begin to set long-term goals?

What is the neurochemistry pathway associated with ADHD?

What are some common symptoms of ADHD in a toddler?

The psychologist says my daughter should get an evaluation for ADHD—but she is not hyperactive. What is ADHD without hyperactivity?

Are there any accommodations or tips for my child about to take their college entrance exams?

What are the best ways to control anxiety associated with ADHD?

Is it possible to become ADHD as a late teenager?

Are all generic forms of Adderall the same?

Are any medication-free treatments effective? What are some alternative approaches would you suggest?

How do you get a kid in college to consistently take ADHD meds when they discover they can make money selling them during mid-terms and finals?

Can you explain what executive function is?

How does that relate to ADHD?

My child's school is suggestion that I get him a medical evaluation for ADHD and potentially medication. What does this mean?

What does a medical evaluation mean for my child?

Amanda Page

Amanda Page


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