Lung CancerTreatment

Treating Lung Cancer Without Surgery

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Doctors in hospital operating room

What Usually Happens

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Darius Bashar

A Nonsurgical Lung Cancer Treatment

Robotic CyberKnife at St. Mary's Of Michigan
Robotic CyberKnife at St. Mary's Of MichiganSaginaw Future Inc.

What Is SBRT?

CyberKnife radiation arm
CyberKnife radiation armTextefuermedizin

How SRBT Works

Chromogranin immunostain of small cell lung carcinoma
Chromogranin immunostain of small cell lung carcinomaYale Rosen from USA

Who SRBT Is For

Bob Tumanic
Bob TumanicCourtesy of Bob Tumanic

A Patient's Experience With SRBT

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How SRBT Compares to Standard Radiation Therapy

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SBRT for Other Lung Cancer Patients

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An Immune Boost from SRBT?

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The Latest Progress

Rib fracture as seen on CXR
Rib fracture as seen on X-RayJames Heilman, MD

SBRT Drawbacks and Side Effects

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Radiation Pneumonitis

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Paul Gilmore

Finally Cancer-free

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